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The day passes, three days pass, a week passes, and the captain does not appear thereabouts. I can not understand it. We can not understand it. Don't you know that the chiefs go away from time to time? I know nothing of their absence. In the afternoon we take them out of the cave, for the heat stifles them. They are tying them to the trees.

Two weeks after that he set out at nine o'clock in the morning. The count finally ascertained his whereabouts as well as those of his companion. He was to set out in search of the count. He took leave of his family. He was taking leave of his friends. He was going to set out. We set out.

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It appeared that they were setting out. He was playing on the cornet and I was dancing. It was not warm under the trees. I was carrying the cornet to him. Why did he not play? The hypocrite said 1 that he did not know how to play. Nobody used to play like him. We heard that you used to have a pension. I had no pension. We will attack them at nightfall.

The battle will last from three till five o'clock in the afternoon. I will command. I would give orders to them to fire. They will be victorious and we shall have to flee. I would kill the colonel. We would not try to defend ourselves. They would try in vain to defend him. The colonel will not know. We shall not know.

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He would remember us. We will wait for Nicholas until one o'clock. I shall not fall asleep. He would not awake. He would look around and would find himself alone. It will strike two. It would strike three. He would not appear. Day will dawn. The painters, accompanied by their pupils, entered the church with me.


In it we found little to admire. I was already going away with them. I noticed a chapel and approached it. They noticed a picture and approached it.


To the pupils, who were approaching with him, he said: "This youth will go away with us. We pointed at the canvas which we had in front of us. I knew him. He knew me. I am selling him the picture. He was selling us the pictures. I tell you that the authors of those paintings have died. Will you tell us when they died?

You ask for the pictures—I sold them to him. Do they want the picture?

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We will sell it to them. The artist approached. We were approaching. The prior was surrounded by all of them. The coffins were seen 2 on the ground. The face of the dead woman was seen. It will be seen that he will be like his work.

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Now his works will be seen. The great painter found himself in the temple. It was seen that the face was like the work of the dead prior. His skin was dry and yellow. They m. Their skin was black. Many years ago his sunken eyes were black and shining. The supper was good, but we had not any wine.

The wines were good and abundant. I seek good wine and good conversation.