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Now, it's pushing for tangibles moves towards long-term adaptation. Climate changes will hit some countries much harder than Germany, but northern Europe won't be exempt from tough impacts. In , an extreme heat-wave lasting weeks caused numerous deaths in Germany.


In years since, devastating floods were caused by days of unusually heavy rain in various parts of the country. Such events were highly unusual during the 20th century, but by the midth century, as global warming gathers pace, they're expected to be commonplace. Heike Stock, the municipal official in charge of the program, told DW that water management will be key to mitigating the effects of climate change on the urban environment. Wherever possible, we want water-permeable surfaces. For example, parking areas and median strips can be resurfaced to allow water absorption into the ground.

Building owners are encouraged to "regreen" the inner courtyards typical of Berlin apartment buildings. Rooftops planted with mosses or grasses can also absorb water, and then release it through evaporation later on. That results in an evaporative cooling effect, in the same way that sweat evaporating from the skin cools an overheating athlete.

The goal is to retain rainwater within the cityscape, so that part of it evaporates and the rest of it releases gradually, rather than in an abrupt rush, into Berlin's rivers and lakes. That helps prevent flooding of basements and sewer systems, and it also protects water quality in the capital's many lakes and rivers.

Rapid runoff causes all kinds of urban dirt to get swept into surface waters. Even natural materials like pollen and flowerbuds dropped from urban trees can cause fish kills when they're swept into lakes, by overloading them with nutrients and using up the oxygen in the water, Stock explained. In addition, green building design competitions, citizen engagement strategies such as the city's existing, very successful tree-planting sponsorship programmes, and various subsidy programs will help encourage take-up of the recommended design features.

Although Berlin's population is in a period of sustained growth, the city wants to prevent urban sprawl. That means further increasing the density of residents per square kilometer, even as the city strives to maintain or improve liveability as well as resilience in the face of climate change. Greening new building construction is part of the solution, but given that most of the city's land already has high-density buildings or roads on it, most of the opportunities will lie in retrofitting existing buildings.

The problem is that putting a planted garden on top of a building, for example, is significantly more expensive than a conventional roof. But Stock said that a business case can be made for green rooftops nonetheless. Who knew the lime trees that fill Berlin's urban parks could make a delicious salad? Dessau is shrinking. With the town's population declining, city planners had to decide what to do with acres of empty lots left where apartment buildings and factories used to be. Their solution: Urban wildlands.

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Berlin might seem like a concrete jungle, but the metropolis has more biodiversity than you'd expect. What is it about Berlin that attracts wild foxes, raccoons, boars and the largest number of birds in all of Germany? Conventional agriculture in Europe is facing problems. But in Germany, an old solution is again coming to the fore: community-supported agriculture. It brings together producers and consumers, enabling organic farming. Scientists have been able to more directly link extreme weather, like the floods that hit Central Europe last month, to climate change. A changed climate could also mean hotter summers - and with that, more deaths.

Indian farmers are wedded to an outmoded crop residue burning practice that shrouds nearby cities in thick smog, andidrives a serious health crisis. But new "happy seeder" crop planters could soon clear the skies. Pollution in Delhi has hit record-breaking levels and a farming method, known as stubble burning, was a major contributor. DW's Catherine Davison went to the countryside to check out what's being done to stop this trend. On this week's Eco Africa, we visit a man pushing back against the desertification of Niger, see what a waterless toilet can do for a slum in Kenya and try out creative innovations in rural Tanzania.

Gabriel and Neil go green, taking an open-minded, relevant and entertaining approach to various environmental issues. DW's half-hour radio show and podcast brings you environment stories from around the globe.