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Whatever we are, still are we Thine, and what we speak and hear is praise of Thee, and it is Thy face we seek, Thy path we follow. Thou art the Lord of loving-kindness, we are sinners and astray and far from home. Wherefore, O Cloud of Mercy, grant us some drops of rain.

O Flowering Bed of grace, send forth a fragrant breeze. O Sea of all bestowals, roll towards us a great wave. O Sun of Bounty, send down a shaft of light. Grant us pity, grant us grace. This will result in a displayed list of all the backups in that bucket.

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Alternatively, supply the file handle for a specific backup; the handle can be obtained from the source application by selecting the backup and clicking Info; the file handle appears next to the label Handle. Click Import Backup Information.

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The resulting selection page shows the available backups for the bucket you specified, unless you specified a backup by its handle. Select the desired backup and click one of the following: Add to Backup List if you want this backup to be retained in the list of available backups for your app.

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Restore From Backup if you want to restore from this backup but do not want the backup displayed in the list of available backups for your app. In the advisory page that is displayed, notice the list of entities with checkboxes.

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By default, all of the entities will be restored. Uncheck the checkbox next to each entity that you don't want to restore.

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Also in the advisory page, notice that the default queue, with its pre-configured performance settings, is used for the restore job. Change this to another queue that you have configured differently if you need different queue performance characteristics.

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Start the restore by clicking Restore. Notice that a job status page is displayed. If you disabled writes, re-enable Datastore writes for your application. Sign up or log in Sign up using Google. Sign up using Facebook.

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In manufactured-goods distribution centers, where multiple bins are presented to an operator, a human is required to handle a range of parts that must be boxed and shipped. In the reclamation and recycling industry, humans sort waste streams of mixed products on conveyor belts. Assembly and kitting operations in manufacturing are termed robotic opportunities but they require a solution for handling many part types in the same work-cell.

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This project will research and integrate technologies to enable the use of industrial robots for low-volume mixed-part production tasks. The proposed solution will include 3D image sensors and high-speed flexible networking, cloud computing, and industrial robots. The inclusion of cutting-edge new software such as the Robot-Operating System Industrial ROS-I and Cloud Computing platforms offer excellent educational opportunities for both undergraduate and graduate students.

The software developed in this project will be widely distributed to enable further innovations by other teams.

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