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Stock Image. Le mauvais genie French Edition Comtesse de Segur. Published by French and European Publications Inc, New Condition: New Soft cover.

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Bookseller Inventory n Ask Seller a Question. As Clumsy rubs the bottle, a genie emerges, calling himself Genie Meanie and saying that he comes out every years to grant wishes to whoever says the magic words.

"mauvais génie" in lyrics

Brainy makes some guesses, but none of them are correct, and neither is Clumsy's guess. Genie Meanie tells them that at sundown, he goes back into the bottle for another years, wishes or no wishes. Brainy mutters to Clumsy that he's starting to believe this genie is a fake, but Genie Meanie overhears and proves his power is real by causing the two Smurfs to flutter high on foot wings. They are now convinced that he is a real genie and ask him to put them down, which he does -- right into a mud puddle. Genie Meanie wants them to take him to someone who does know the magic words, and since Brainy and Clumsy know Papa Smurf knows magic, they take him to their village.

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Meanwhile, Gargamel is using his magic projector to find the Smurfs, which he does -- two Smurfs that are carrying a genie in a bottle. He overhears them talk about Papa Smurf finding the magic words so that the genie would grant them three wishes that would come true.

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Gargamel cranks up his projector in order to find out more, but the projector blows up. Nonetheless, Gargamel is now desiring to get his hands on that genie so he could show the Smurfs the real meaning of "meanie". Back in the village, the Smurfs see Brainy and Clumsy bringing Genie Meanie to them, which makes most of them excited.

Brainy asks Smurfette where Papa Smurf is, and she answers that he's gone to dig for rare roots and will be back later, which means that they won't get their three wishes until he shows up.

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Greedy offers Genie Meanie a cake that he made for himself, but the genie decides to "share it with him" and, with a snap of his fingers, causes it to go splat on Greedy's face. Smurfette tells the genie she thought that was mean, but all Genie Meanie does is make more cakes materialize and go splat on all their faces. Hefty decides to give the genie a good fight, but the genie doesn't fight -- he just makes Hefty punch himself in the face. In Gargamel's castle, the evil wizard is going through all his books and finds nothing until he comes across his great-grandfather's book on genies.

He is ecstatic when he finds the section on Genie Meanie, which says he obeys the magic words "pumpernickel pickle", and decides to go out into the forest and broadcast the magic words for Genie Meanie to hear, telling the Smurfs to say their prayers because their genie is going to have a new master. The Smurfs, meanwhile, continue to be the butt of Genie Meanie's jokes as he now douses them in buckets of water. Fed up with the genie's antics, Smurfette tells him to get out of the village, and the other Smurfs join her in trying to throw him out.

But as they approach his bottle, Genie Meanie just makes them go in reverse until they find themselves in the river. Papa Smurf, who happens to be nearby, finds out from the Smurfs that a mean genie is in their village.

The Magical Meanie

He returns to confront the genie, telling him to behave or he will wish him out of the village. Genie Meanie tells Papa Smurf that he needs the magic words to do so, and to try intimidating the village leader, the genie makes carrots grow out of his beard and from his nose, giving him "food for thought". Out in the forest, Gargamel is with his cat Azrael, broadcasting the magic words "pumpernickel pickle" through a megaphone. Soon Genie Meanie hears them and materializes right before Gargamel, telling the wizard that he has only ten minutes to use his three wishes before he goes back into the bottle.

Gargamel decides to make his first wish come true -- to go straight to the Smurf Village.

Jean-Pierre Filiu - Netanyahou : le mauvais génie d’Israël ? Les Experts du Dessous des cartes -ARTE

Genie Meanie rolls his eyes at the thought of going back there again, but nonetheless grants the wish. At the village, the Smurfs are lined up in formation at the outskirts, armed with spears and ready for anything.