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Travelling to a new place gives us a sense of pride, owing to how much we learn about people — the carefree attitude and how you embrace the new places while travelling makes up for an exciting experience. Hence, taking out time for yourself this way brings along cheerfulness. No matter how much you plan a trip, there will always be challenging situations. The place may turn out to be extremely cold, or at a considerable height with deep valleys.

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These places allow you to bring out your stronger self and face the circumstances head-on. Dealing with unforeseen problems help us boost our self-confidence.

A study also suggests that travel is a great way to enhance your self-esteem. Hence, going through the feeling of dealing with scenarios you have no anticipation of, makes you trust in yourself. As your self-belief increases, your confidence also increases inevitably. This brings along a sense of satisfaction and happiness within. Moreover, your interpersonal skills and self-sufficiency skills also improve immensely as a result.

Thus, travelling can help you become a better version of yourself. Finding the exact place in your place might become a little tedious sometimes. To overcome confusion and reach the destination comfortably, use a scratch-off map of the world. It helps give a clearer picture of the country or continent you are visiting. Social media does have its benefits. However, over-using it can be detrimental for our physical and mental well-being. Due to its hold on people, they tend to skip going out in the open and avoid exercising just to spend time on social media applications.

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This leaves us devoid of the will to make an effort towards fitness and further causes puts us in a pit of depression. According to a study, engrossing yourself in social media too much makes you a candidate for contracting low self-esteem and unhealthy sleeping patterns. Hence, this is where traveling can be useful. We have so much to explore on a trip, that it diverts our mind from catching hold of our cellphones. The quest to visit all the places possible leaves us with no choice but to head out and cut the time we spend on social media. Besides, going to places far off leaves less scope for internet connections.

This further helps us focus on the beauty of nature and its varieties. Living life with a monotonous routine leads us to a sense of suffocation sometimes. A sense of boredom creeps in as a result. That is the reason why you crave some time for yourself in peace. Travelling helps you attain exactly what you are seeking. According to an article, it brings about calm and tranquillity in your life.

You revel at the moment and not allow the stress to affect you. It gives you the impetus to look for the better in life and gives a sense of meaning to it. Travelling with a company that contributes to your happiness is a beautiful experience. However, going on a trip alone is nowhere less as breathtaking. It gives us ample time to reflect on our life and lets us introspect. Visible on the beach at low tide are the remains of the Helvetia, a ship wrecked in From the top of Rhosili Down, the highest point on Gower, views of the peninsula can be seen as well as across the sea to West Wales, Lundy Island and the north Devon coast.

Rhosili Down is lowland heath and home to a variety of birds and insects including the rare black bog ant.

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  • The south Gower coast hosts many rare plants and birds including yellow whitlow grass and choughs. If the tide is out, the adventurous can cross the rocky causeway to the tidal island of Worms Head, where grey seals can be seen lazing on the rocks below. Gowers landscape has been shaped by farming since the Stone Age. The Vile, at Rhosili, is an example of a Medieval open field strip system. With many archaeological features at Rhosili and along the south Gower coast, including Neolithic burial chambers, bronze age cairns and Iron Age forts, it is an ideal place to discover these remnants of our ancestors.

    If the place runs Gift Aid on Entry, we'll offer you a clear choice between the Gift Aid Admission prices and the Standard Admission prices at the admission point. It's entirely up to you which ticket you choose. Gift Aid Admission includes a 10 per cent or more voluntary donation. Gift Aid Admissions let us reclaim tax on the whole amount paid - an extra 25 per cent - potentially a very significant boost to our places' funds.

    Eng lish Cym raeg. Beautiful and breathtaking views on the Gower peninsula. Overview Opening times How to get here Facilities and access Contact us. Saved to My places Save to My places.


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    Share: Twitter Facebook Pinterest Email. Back to top. Rhosili headland walk. Rhosili Down, Hillend and beach walk. Serpents, seascapes and shipwrecks walk.

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    The Vile long circular walk at Rhosili. Top walks on Gower. Run with sand under your feet Jen and Sim Benson. Upcoming events See all events. Wildlife Walk at Rhossili Wed 13 Nov Enjoy a walk around Rhossili, discovering each season's wildlife highlights, led by our Area Ranger. Walk to the Worm Sat 16 Nov Walk with our rangers to discover the wonders of Worms Head, the tidal island at the far end of Rhossili. Rhossili Down Walk Sun 24 Nov Discover the secrets of Rhossili Down, the highest point on Gower. A interesting walk with great views at every stop.

    Santa Run at Rhosili Sat 21 Dec Kick off the festive break with our first ever family friendly Santa run.

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    The Old Rectory. South Pilton Green Farmhouse. A bird's eye view of this ancient landscape National Trust. General Family. Free to National Trust members. EV Charger: Free 32A 7. Beautiful and breathtaking views on the Gower peninsula Breathtaking Rhosili bay, with its three mile long sandy beach, is overlooked by the Old Rectory, the most popular National Trust holiday cottage. Telephone Email gower.